If you were wondering if we had the Block Party yesterday, the answer is YES…for an hour. We did have some people show up for the first hour, and then helped us clean it all up when the wind kicked up and rain started coming down harder (and we are VERY thankful for those who helped).

Something that could have gone unnoticed was the help of a group of students from Jacksonville, FL. There was a group of 30 7th grader’s from a church that supports Church at the Bay. This week they have been helping by painting and weeding at the school and setting up for the Block Party. They spent time serving others when they could be at home sleeping in and enjoying their summer break. This July our student ministry is going to Tallahassee to serve one of the churches we are supporting…and they are excited about it! It gets me pumped when I see students get it, that we are here not to serve ourself but others.

My first mission experience was a trip to Cuba with my dad. It was amazing to see people with so much less than we had so excited about God. We helped a build a church, told others about our faith and spent a ton of time talking louder and slower (WHERE IS THE BATHROOM?). It felt so good to serve others and know that you were serving God (Matthew 25:37-40). The truth is we don’t have to go to Cuba to serve others, we can serve others in Tampa and we can do it every day. What are some ways that you try to serve others daily?

Hal Mayer
Student Pastor