We serve a God who is over the top in His generosity toward us. I am thinking about salvation, forgiveness, grace, answered prayer and more.  When it comes to redeeming mankind He willingly sacrificed His Son for the world- that means you! That is so generous and then He continues to provide us with so much more than we need.

We got our cue from God when we made generosity a value at Church at the Bay.  We demonstrate this value every week as we try to provide resources and refreshments at “no charge”.  Sure we could charge for bubble gum, child care, DVD’s, books, snow cones, tea and tons of other stuff.  Instead, we have chosen to be generous and give them away because we want as many people as possible to “take their next step” with Jesus!

We also have generous givers.  I often talk about money and don’t shy away because to function as a generous church we need generous people.  I also believe (as individuals) that through our financial generosity we really demonstrate our faith.

This past weekend I said- “it never has been about the cost, it is about the value”.  I was talking about changes that Church at the Bay will pay for with money and time attached.  We are willing to pay the price –whatever it is- if life change is the outcome.  Watch the brief video below and see if you agree.

If you don’t see a video – click here.