Everyone needs a valued mentor or 3 in their life. What is the best way to find a mentor? Let’s take a “list” approach:

  • Determine what area or areas you need a mentor
  • Determine what success looks like so you can find mentors who are successful.
  • Get a coffee or lunch with prospective mentors and see if there is chemistry. Bring a list of good questions. (DO NOT ASK THEM TO BE YOUR MENTOR AT YOUR FIRST MEETING!)
  • Thank them for their time
  • Set up a second meeting with the person you think might be able to speak into your life.
  • Come to this meeting with a list of questions. Take notes when they talk.
  • If that goes well, let a month go by and ask, “Could we do lunch again- I have some questions?”
  • If that lands well, ask them if you could meet with them periodically just to ask questions.

Do Not:

  • Ask them to mentor you from the start
  • Come to any meeting without questions. This shows you are willing to do the work and you are not asking them for presentations.

Finally, make sure your mentor knows you are grateful (say thank you!).

Bonus: If you want to show your mentor you value what they say, re-write the notes you took and send them to them. When someone sends me their notes and insights after I meet with them, I am inclined to be more available. This is not because I am looking for an ego boost – I am looking to invest my time and I want to see them grow.

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