When my kids were younger I was the splinter doctor. You know they would get a splinter and someone had to dig it out- tag I am it. I would squeeze their finger and then dig in with a sterilized needle… fun huh- not! There would be crying and shaking and running (and sometimes it was the kids and not me!!!!) Anyway, I remember times they would get mad at me and pull away in anger. They couldn’t get mad at the splinter so they vented at their would be healer. I understood that with kids and also have watched it happen with adults as well. I have been vented on and realize by the end of the discussion- I really wasn’t their problem- it was a wound they never dealt with.
At The Bay (like many churches) we try to create an environment where everyone is welcome and more often than not wounded and hurt people show up seeking the grace and forgiveness of God. Often in their wound they get angry at the people who God wants to use to help them heal. What do you do with that- when someone gets angry and “vomits” their wound, puss and hurt all over you? In my “Hal” way of dealing with it- it’s time for a beat down! “How dare you talk to me in that tone, anger or mean spirit.” And, I have responded that way before- yet I believe and know there is a better way- God’s way. I think this would be good to discuss for a couple of blogs. I have talked with multiple pastors and Christ-Followers who have been “spewed” upon and have been wounded by wounded people. I know that if they (we) don’t handle it correctly they will develop a wound and continue the cycle of wounding. How about you?

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