I want to do a series of posts on how to develop an Invite Culture.  Our church, Church at the Springs is in this process now.  So I plan to do a few posts about how we are going to develop this culture that so many have created.  It is really a culture that is focused on the “one” in Luke 15.  The premise in Luke 15 is Jesus is passionate about the “one” and we should be as well.  The first post is from my brother Larry Mayer.  He is a campus pastor at Church by the Glades in South Florida,  Lake Worth Campus. You want to follow him on Instagram and watch how he is building this culture.

I live in South Florida where 92% of the people don’t go to church anywhere.  Last year [2016] I read a poll stating that Palm Beach County, where I live, is the number 1 “never-churched” county in the U.S. and we are the number 10 “unchurched” county in the U.S.  This is one of the reasons I love living in South Florida and the number one reason developing an invite culture in my church is so important to me.


There is some debate on what an “invite culture” is.  I see two types of inviting that can happen through a church.  There is an invite “SEASON” versus an invite “CULTURE.”

An invite season takes place during certain times of the year and usually revolves around a calendar event, such as Christmas, Easter and even Mother’s Day.  During these seasons, it is common to do marketing and inviting blitzes.  A church would be wise to take advantage of the natural ebbs and flows of the church calendar.  Typically the invite season has less relational investment than an invite culture.  

You can find Larry on Twitter here.  He is an effective leader and gives plenty of insights.