I was talking to a young pastor this week and he asked me a question, “What do you do when a church won’t follow your leadership?”  I had several thoughts. First I don’t believe real leadership can be “taken” it is given.  Biblical leadership and really any effective leadership isn’t as much about a role as it is a relationship.  If you want real “buy in” from those you are attempting to lead

. ” Effective leadership requires many things (I list a two that come to mind):

  • Trust. “If I trust you as a leader I will follow you” – what does that mean?  If I trust you it means you have demonstrated that your leadership is about a cause bigger than you.  Some leaders try to motivate with the idea of making a bigger business, church or organization.  None of that hastens my commitment.  I have been in ministry for a while and I follow men and women who have God’s purposes in their focus and they are not self promoting.  So I believe people will follow a leader when they are convinced  that the leader’s goal is bigger than enlarging their personal kingdom.
  • Character. Are you a person of integrity? This sounds like trust but is probably even bigger.  It takes years to build character and it only takes a moment to loose it.  When I think of character I ask these questions:
    • Are they the same out of the spotlight as they are in it?
    • Are they open and efficient in their finances? If they can’t manage their finances- can I trust them with our company’s finances?
    • Who are their best friends and what do they say about them?

I do believe leadership must be earned and it must also be given.  Some people are more about control than they are about effectiveness.  Control freaks rarely give away decisions to people who are trying to lead.  Their plan is to micromanage. “If you are dealing with an organization with trust issues that will not release you to make decisions – it may not be about you “– it may be about them.  I have found myself in that position several times over many years of ministry, teaching and coaching.  To be honest – it is a demotivator for me and I tend to more on if they will not release me to make decisions.

Help us out – What do you believe are some key insights to effective leadership?