During our Lead Now training at Church at the Bay we challenged everyone to pray that God would make us a “sticky” church. The idea is that people will come and find a responsibility and a relationship (with Jesus and someone at The Bay) that moves them to calling Church at the Bay – their church. Our volunteers do so much to make that happen from the parking lot to the kids areas and the worship service it is about creating environments that are catalytic for people taking their next step with Jesus Christ. Every church plant I know (and by the way we turned 5 years old this weekend) struggles with the “parade effect”. Many people look good as they are coming toward us and yet within time we are waving good bye. It is what it is- and yet- God would you help us make Church at the Bay sticky for your kingdom.
We had scores of guests this past weekend (I won’t know how many until later today) and Church at the Bay you rocked. As I stood on the sidewalk at the end of worship watching people exit I watched you get sticky. I saw:

  • Guests being engaged in conversations at the Next Steps Table
  • There were kids bouncing and families connecting watching them
  • Conversations around the ice tea (thank God for ice tea it was hot!)
  • I loved watching one guy bird dog and go after every guest he found. He gets an email or some digits and then makes contact with them during the week- that is sticky.
  • I enjoyed talking to guests who said, “We are coming back” or “my kids love this place”.
  • I challenged everyone to come the next four weeks of this series. I believe if they do- some major steps of Faith will be taken. The truth is church growth is God’s job. Our job is to join Him and prepare for the harvest He sends us.

Thank you Church at the Bay for 5 great years- I don’t know what God has planned for CATB but I plan to hang around and join Him as we move forward- “Helping people take their next step with Jesus Christ”
If you missed this weekend- You can watch the embedded video of the teaching below.