Some have asked why I have not mentioned Will and Corey’s family. I really have not had much contact with the other families. I did get a little time with Corey’s family while at the Coast Guard briefing- good people. I will go by and see the Cooper family this morning. Here are a couple of updates:

  • The Coast Guard concluded their search yesterday at dusk. They were very kind and compassionate with the family. They explained they have to have their assets ready for other search and rescue events. They also explained that they feel the guys did not survive.
  • It was hard to be in the room when the news was delivered. The pain, hurt and helplessness washed over everyone.
  • In the middle of all that God showed up BIG (no doubt your prayers have had an impact). I was so impressed with the Christ Followers and their resolve and kindness to the Coast Guard. My guess is most of the family are solid Christ Followers (Corey’s and Marquis’s again I don’t know the others).
  • Tank Johnson (NFL player) stepped up big to lead the way in the next stage. They are going to continue the search. Several NFL players have stepped up to help. If you know any EXPERIENCED pilots that might be able to assist please email Tank at
  • They understand the decision of the Coast Guard and yet they want to keep some hope alive.
  • The question always comes during times like these- “Why do bad things happen to Good People”. Here is a link to a message I taught on with that title.
  • One last thing- Twitter has been amazing. I have had high school friends of Marquis as well as pastors and Christ Followers all over the country sending in prayers and support to the family. My twitter account updates my Facebook and the left side of my blog (for those wondering why I have so many Facebook entries).

On a final note- Men we launch FratHouse for the month of March. We meet 6:15 to 7:15am. Time to man up and be here. Click this link for more info.