This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day as a country.  We give honor to the men and women that have paid the highest price, their life, for our freedom.  Many of you know I am Hal Mayer 3rd. Hal Mayer the 1st , we called him granddaddy, served in 3 wars for our country and is buried in Arlington Memorial Cemetery.  He went off to war in WWI as a 16 year old boy (lied about his age).  Later when WWII broke out he signed up again.  Finally, my Dad and his dad served in the Korean War (I know “they” call it a “conflict” but don’t try to tell the men and women on the battlefield it wasn’t war).  I remember watching “Saving Private Ryan” with my dad.  My dad was amazed at the sound of bullets streaking through the air in the movie- he said, “Man that sounds real”.  He and I both cried when we saw the last scene when Private Ryan goes to Arlington Cemetery to visit his buddy’s grave.  I learned growing up that we give honor to the men and women of our armed forces.

This weekend we are going to celebrate and give honor to another memorial as well- The Lord’s Supper.  When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper (some called it Communion) we remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all men and women.  Jesus Christ died so that we can have not only freedom in this life but spend eternity in heaven with Him when we die.  So this weekend is all about honoring sacrifice.  Plan to come and bring a friend.

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