We kick off our new series this Sunday: Momentum!  I have discovered (and you probably have as well) that Momentum makes a HUGE difference!  We know when we have it and when we do not!  We have all seen and possibly experienced:

  • The team that has been losing makes a break through and begins to pick up wins and Momentum kicks in!
  • The student who is struggling in their studies makes a breakthrough in how to study and everything about school seems to improve- Momentum.
  • The Olympic swimmer who finally breaks through with a medal and then they begin to roll- hello Momentum.
  • The salesperson that has been trying to close a deal and keeps experiencing road block- then she makes a decision that moves the deal forward and Momentum takes over!
  • (put your story here)

As much as some people hope or believe- Momentum is not dumb luck.  Momentum is not a result of making the right lottery pick in life.  Momentum can usually be traced back to a Bold Move or new approach to the problem.  Momentum is a breakthrough is the effectiveness of life.

Have you ever thought about Spiritual Momentum?  I have had many people say to me, “Pastor, my walk with God has become boring or duty filled.  Is that normal?  Is it over for me?”  My answer is, “Yes, it is normal to go through highs and lows as a Christ-Follower and no we don’t have to stay there.”  Often we experience a “dry” spiritual time because our habits need to be shaken or maybe God is taking us to a new level.  In the same way that a relationship with another person can become routine and boring it can happen to us spiritually as well.  This series is all about re-gaining and re-fueling your spiritual Momentum.  I believe that often what we need is a Bold Move to get us out of our rut and back into a vibrant relationship with the Father.  I have experienced this in my own life many times.  Every week I will challenge all of us to take a Bold Move.  Are you ready to fuel your spiritual Momentum?  See you Sunday- and bring that friend you have been praying for.