This past Sunday we started a new series; “Did You Hear The One About… ?”. Over the next 4 weeks we will be unpacking the messages from some of Jesus’ favorite stories.

  • This weekend we focused on the Know it All. Do you know someone like that- or is that you? Humility is a magnet for the Holy Spirit.
  • I love the parables- so this will be a fun series for me.
  • It was a difficult weekend for sports in Tampa Bay (unless you are a Gator fan!)- even my Steelers lost
  • I have a pastor friend in North Georgia (Gary Lamb, Revolution Church) and he has called out my Gators. We have a blog bet but my guess is he will crawfish out on it. We owe the little doggies a beat down for their bush league, junior high end zone celebration last year.
  • Halloween is Friday- get ready! All year long I am inviting people to come to The Bay. This one day a year people come to my house. So- we are planning on cooking out some dogs (for the adults) and there will be chocolate candy bars for the kids. We already have the candy but I am going to get some more.
  • Church at the Bay people… I want to issue a challenge- let’s see who can give away the most Hot Dogs… I will be twittering my count… Anyone else want to bring it (leave me a comment)? It seems appropriate to grill Hot Dawgs on Friday night- because the Gatorz will be having them for an afternoon snack on Saturday.
  • Now for the coolest part of the weekend- 8 people indicated they committed their lives to Christ for the first time this weekend. Yep- that is what it is all about! Go God!

Looking forward to a great week!