This weekend was a great one! From Friday night through Sunday I had a ball. Here are some highlights

  • My neighborhood rocked on Friday Night
  • I grilled and gave away 98 hotdogs
  • My purpose was just to connect and meet new people- it worked!
  • Next year I am thinking bounce house! I will have to convince Sandy- she thinks I go overboard on Halloween- me? No way- I am always cautious and slow to move.
  • Saturday was a great day for college football.
  • We had 15 people over to watch the “punk slap down” of the former “dancing in the end zone” Bullpups. Revenge is best served cold- with 2 timeouts to savor the moment… ; 0 )
  • Figuring I would get an extra hour of sleep- I watched Texas/Texas Tech! Great game and I even woke up for the last few minutes.
  • CATB rocked!
  • People were there early!
  • Big props go out to the 11AM service. I asked them to stack a few chairs and roll up some curtains.
  • Many spent about 10-15 minutes- which made the job easier for everyone
  • The last guys were rolling out of the parking lot at 1:20! Way to step up
  • I haven’t voted yet- the early vote lines were so long
  • I hope I can vote quickly on Tuesday
  • I should have voted absentee- but I want a little red sticker!
  • Whoever is elected will get my respect and prayers.
  • If you struggle with that, read Romans 13

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Have a great week!