This weekend was good! I have not taught in a couple of weeks so I went a little over at 11… No big- at least I didn’t complain. Here are some highlights:

  • The band rocked out some Christmas tunes along with our regular mix and it worked
  • Blaine was sick and couldn’t sing much. So he had to re-chart a song so April could lead it. He was up at 5:30am to do it. It worked- get well Blaine!
  • We are planning some stuff for Christmas Eve that we almost tried out at 11… but we managed to hold off
  • We have had a guy helping us with our sound move to the gym. Great guy and he is trying to figure us out. His comment to me on Sunday (he has been with us since the August move) was classic. He said, “you guys say you are doing a church here… but I just think its an excuse to have a rock concert on the weekend!” I love it. Not sure that they have someone teach from the Bible at a Rock Concert- but we do here.
  • I am hearing great stories about The Gift Revolution… I have some ideas about the future but I am going to wait to unpack them in the new year..
  • 3 People committed their lives to Christ for the 1st time
  • Sunday afternoon my Bucs and Steelers didn’t show well… But my baby girl is back in town for a week! Ashley: aka- The Crasher!

Okay- it’s time to bring your “A” game. Let’s fill this place with your friends on Christmas Eve. This may be the easiest service to get your friends to come to. We will have parties for the kids and a Christmas Eve Service with a few surprises…
By the way – we are doing Servant Evangelism Monday and Tuesday. Interested? It’s only and hour and we will be handing Candy Canes with invite cards. Want more info- Email Neal.