We wrapped up our TXT series this weekend. It seemed to get a lot of traction. Here is what I noticed:

  • Our bass player is GQ baby- hat, sweater, tie- Tito you are my hero!
  • “The Middle School Experience” will start this Sunday at 11am. If you have “one” make sure they attend!
  • We are planning some special “sompin, sompin” this coming weekend- bring your friends (Neal’s plan)
  • Great questions again this week- if you missed go here
  • We will do our last broadcast (for a while anyway) on Wednesday night- 8:30- www.churchatthebay.tv
  • Cool thing- Bill brought his daughter Rachel to greet- she is only 9! How cool is that – Father/daughter doing ministry together
  • Several guys also are bringing their older kids to set-up on Friday night. Way to go- help your kids get the vision!
  • Tons of people committed to read through the Gospels with us this month
  • Several people made 1st time commitments – Go God!
  • Next week we start- Ultimate Fighting! My parents said there were some things not worth fighting for- I agree. That also means there are some things worth getting sweaty, spending money, giving your life for and yes FIGHTING FOR! We will unpack my top five list during this series… Can you handle it?
  • “Here we go… Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl”
  • I am taking score predictions on twitter and here. If you have one leave a comment. The winner will receive a valuable prize that will surely make you the envy of your neighborhood!
  • I will post your prediction on Saturday and the winner next Monday.
  • I have told you I was born in Pittsburgh and have them in my blood. And yes- Pittsburgh is a great place to be from- it’s cold up there- Tampa Rules!
  • Will you pray and ask God to help you bring someone next Sunday who needs to find Jesus? How cool would that be.

Come on CATB let’s bring it big!