I taught on parenting this weekend. I started this list on Sunday night and finished it on Monday morning. Here are some very random ideas:

  • Both services were 3 to 1 in saying boyz were easier to raise than girls- I find that very interesting and surprising- do you?
  • This Wednesday night at 9pm we will be doing Q&A on Parenting- I will be recommending several helpful books
  • Crowds were responsive today
  • But I felt a little disconnected this weekend- no- I think a lot. Not sure why- never have done self diagnosis very well
  • Our lights went out at 9:30- Light bar etc- tech team hung in and got us through… Now don’t let it happen again- I mean it ;-]
  • I think I may change topics next weekend.
  • The economy is hitting a lot of families hard at The Bay- please pray for them
  • I miss college and pro football
  • Maybe March Madness will make it all good
  • Sandy and I are doing a marriage intensive with the counselors that will be leading CATB’s marriage Retreat on May 1-2. If they survive and we do too- it will be all good. BTW- we are checking out nice hotels and expect the price for hotel, conference, materials and breakfast to be under $200!
  • Just got back from the gym and I am wiped! Sandy said she would scramble me some eggs! Yeah Sandy!!!
  • I am looking forward to Q&A in our Wednesday night live broadcast- 8PM at www.churchatthebay.tv
  • Hmmmm, after praying this morning we may be chasing John 15 this weekend.

So thats it this Monday Morning- or at least all I can say right now… See you Wednesday Night at 9PM- www.churchatthebay.tv