This weekend the weather pummeled us. We rarely get rain on Sunday mornings and yet the rain, cold front and wind hit us pretty good. Attendance was affected but the crowds were responsive.

  • We had around 20 first time guests. Amazing on a weather day
  • My numbers are always a little fuzzy on Monday Morning because the final numbers usually increase once we take a closer look at the communication cards.
  • Frat House launches for the month of March- time to man up! Thursday Morning from 6:15 to 7:15, Davidsen Middle School Cafeteria. If you are already at work by that time- we bow! If not- don’t be a weenie- be there!
  • We begin a new series “Lord Make Us…” next weekend with- Lord Make us One
  • We will also take a 21 Day challenge called the Daniel Fast (more to come later on that)
  • Our next Partnership Class is March 15th- 12:15- 2:30. We don’t have members at The Bay we have partners. Membership has its priviledges but Partnership has its responsibilities. If you are interested in Partnering with us as we seek to kick a big dent in Hell in Tampa- plan to attend. Childcare and lunch will be provided. Please email
  • I hope this week to make the final decisions for our Marriage Retreat. We said we would keep the price (Motel cost, Conference fee and material fee) all under $200. This is proving challenging because we want to stay at a nice Hotel- but we will git-r-done
  • We are also praying for Marquis Cooper and his 3 friends. They went on a Gulf fishing trip on Saturday and have not been seen since. Marquis and Rebekah attend The Bay along with their 3 year old daughter Delaney. Sandy and I went by to pray with Rebekah yesterday and she is surrounded by friends. I will keep you updated with any new info via my twitter account. . I have had people contact me from around the country who are praying with us. God give wisdom to the Coast Guard in their search, strength to Marquis and his 3 friends and peace to the family- I ask in Jesus name.