The weather is absolutely incredible in Tampa right now. The days get a little warm (mid 80’s) but the evenings and mornings are in the 60’s. I love Tampa weather. We went after our 3rd Urban Legend this weekend: Forgiving is Forgetting! If you missed the service – the audio portion will be up here by Monday afternoon. So here is a quick download of the weekend:

  • As you walked up to the auditorium we had the “pop rocks/ Coke challenge”. You know the Urban Legend that says you can’t eat pop rocks and drink coke without exploding. Several proved that myth wrong (several times each).
  • The band brought it big time- the energy in the room was great
  • I think the interview with Satan was the best yet.
  • The topic of forgiveness is always tough because of so many wounds people have
  • To really forgive we need to do some hard work. This often causes more pain. (1) Determine who you need to forgive, (2) Make a list of what they owe you, (3) Decide they don’t owe you anymore
  • As I asked people to raise their hands for prayer- I knew many people were really wrestling with forgiving. Tough areas like, adultery, sexual abuse, theft, deceitfulness and the list goes on
  • We challenged people to make their lists and then surrender them to God
  • Several people also committed their lives to Christ
  • On the way out- Snow Cones were back!
  • We also had a newcomers pizza lunch/QandA and over 20 came
  • Had a great time with about 3000 church planters last week at the Exponential Conference in Orlando


  • This is the last day to sign up for our Marriage retreat this weekend. Go here for more info- over 60 people already signed up.
  • We will have our Ladies Brunch May16th (Sandy is making me write this and “chicking” up my manly blog!) You can buy tickets for $15 after our weekend services. This SOLD OUT the last 2 years.
  • We will have baby Dedication on May 17th

Finally- Our interview with Satan from this weekend…

If you can’t see the video- CLICK HERE