The speed of life is increasing in Tampa- school is about to start again. Church at the Bay is also launching a new series called Oz! Watch the roll in here:

(no video- click here)

This past weekend we wrapped up our “Healing Choices” series. I have really enjoyed taking a closer look at the Beatitudes. Every time we approach the scripture we out to say- “so what?”. This is not to be arrogant, rather it is to be obedient. God gave us His word to be lived out and applied. If you missed any of the 8 choice in our series you can go here and catch up, all 8 weeks are available.

As we wrap up this series on Life’s Healing Choices, some of you may have come to identify some areas in your life that need to be surrendered. Church at the Bay is starting a recovery group which will begin meeting in a few weeks. If you or someone you know struggles with issues like alcohol or drug addiction, eating disorders, codependency, or sexual addictions, this is a safe place to find support and healing. Please don’t stay trapped in your vices any longer. If you would like more information please email and one of our recovery leaders will be in touch with you. Your inquiry will be strictly confidential.

Lead Now is next Sunday after 10:30 worship. If you serve anywhere at Church at the Bay or are considering serving- plan to attend. You won’t be disappointed. There are great plans for childcare as well. Click here for details or email .

Finally- Don (our Children’s pastor) led a team to Common Ground Church on Saturday to help distribute 100’s of back packs to disadvantaged kids. Way to go church.

P.S.- We made it through another off season and reason has been restored to our culture … finally grown men running into each other at full speed (are you ready for some FEETBALL!!!) – ahhhhhhh.