The month of August is always interesting. Many families are getting in their last shots at vacation and preparing for school to start. It’s about 50/50 with the kids readiness for school- some look forward others hate it. But, with parents it’s almost a unanimous sign of relief and a chance to get back on schedule. It is also a time when many new people check out Church at the Bay. I was excited for several things this weekend:

  • Several people introduced me to friends they brought with them! Yes!!! That is the plan. We want to partner with you to help your friends take their next steps with God.
  • Kids always amaze me. The sun is beating down and they are jumping in the bounce house. The cool thing is as their parents wait, we get a chance to connect with them.
  • We were able to capture the little green fella in the office last week. Here is the video (notice who I am on the phone with… impressed?) :
  • We are finding tear-down is getting faster and faster because we have more people saying- I will let the kids bounce while I pick up a few tables or move a few chairs. It is always amazing how fast set-up and tear-down is accomplished when we have a few more hands. We have jobs for everyone- just look around and join in.
  • I really enjoyed listening to everyone worship- we serve a great God!
  • I recommended 3 books Sunday- here are the links where you can get more info and even purchase:

More Than a Carpenter- Josh McDowell
This is a short book and has tremendous impact. Click on the book image for more details.

The Case for Faith– Lee Strobel
Lee was the editor for the Chicago Tribune. Click on the image for more details.

The Reason for GodTimothy Keller
This is the most challenging read of the 3 books. Click on the image for more details.

  • I hope you signed up for a Home Team this weekend- if not, here is a link to our HomeTeam Blog that will give you all the information you need. Click right here.
  • I hope you plan to hang out with us next Sunday for CATB at the Food Court. We head over after the service to the Citrus Park Mall and eat lunch together. We will get in an area together and you will be able to meet some new people. Last time we had over 100 people there.
  • Finally, if you missed this weekend you can watch the video below.