Wow! This weekend was really good all the way around. We have over 100 volunteers that make it happen week in and week out. We had a ton of guests- that never gets old. You can always tell the Yankees in the crowd, on a cold day they are wearing shorts and flip-flops! Yep- we had someone like that. It was in the 40’s and about half the crowd was wearing coats- and I don’t mean suit coats. So here are the bullet points from Sunday:

  • Don (our children’s pastor) had a goal post and footballs for the kids to try out. Yep, I tried and failed miserably. I even went soccer style. Several other men were also less than effective.
  • Our parking lot greeters told me we had 180 cars in the lot! If you get there early please park in the north lot.
  • It seems we have several people who understand Spanish! I told of a communication mistake I made ordering some coffee (you will have to listen to the podcast- I will not repeat it here). A lady down front shrieked! I guess I said it right- the same way I mistakenly said it wrong before. But just in case, mi espanol no es muy bueno. Click here for podcast (it should be up by 1pm Monday).
  • It is too cool to meet people who came for the first time last week… and brought someone with them this week. I heard that story a couple of times.
  • We had a lot of guys walking out with bruised ribs. Who would have ever thought most guys struggle communicating in their wife’s language?
  • I mentioned I would put the pdf test online. It takes about 3 minutes and will tell the test taker their love language. Click on the pencil and hand below for the test.

  • Here is another tool for understanding Love Languages- Click here
  • If you click on the picture of the book- it will take you to where you can purchase it.

  • Remember next week is rated PG-13. Make sure you drop your kids off before coming in. I will not be vulgar- but I will talk about stuff they will have questions about!

By the way- My Prediction was Colts 41- Saints 17 and I WAS WRONG! Congrats Saints- New Orleans needs a win and they got it.