Last week I went to the Exponential Church Planters conference in Orlando (see last Thursday’s post for more info about Exponential). It was an inspiring week for me as well as a week to encourage and train some church planters. It really fuels my passion when I get around Church Planters who are willing to walk away from a steady pay check and somewhat predictable lifestyle to start a church. The driving passion for almost everyone who starts a church is to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to not only help people hear the truth of forgiveness that has been purchased for us through Jesus Christ, we want to see them follow Him with passion. Every time I get around these faith-walkers it reminds me of our journey in starting Church at the Bay.

Church at the Bay is bigger than any pastor or person. The local Church was not a novel idea that someone came up with and said- “Let’s do this and see what happens”. The Church is God’s idea. It is His plan to organize and mobilize His body to get the Gospel out!

This weekend I am so proud, glad, pumped (whatever you want to call it) about what God is doing in and through CATB. You see this weekend- I didn’t teach so I had a chance to watch and experience CATB. How grateful I am to God for the people that have stepped up and out in faith to serve Him here. If you want to know what really happens on Sundays at Sickles High School and how it happens- get there at 8am and help the set-up team prepare this school building to be an environment where people regularly take next steps with God. Yes, as a Dad it was cool to sit back and watch my son teach- he did a great job. But it was bigger than that, 5 years ago we didn’t exist as a church, except in the mind of God. Now, I see so many difference makers that have partnered with us.

Thank you Church for stepping up with your:

  • Willingness to Serve– using your gifts to create environments where anyone from the youngest to the oldest can take a next step with Jesus. Thank you for partnering with us.
  • Investing your money- many of you honor God as you give to Him through CATB- thank you for trusting us.
  • Leveraging your influence– by sharing your faith and bringing your friends who are far from God to CATB. Thank you for believing in us.

Here is the video of the teaching from this last weekend