The weather is absolutely amazing AGAIN in Florida (don’t hate). Over the past couple of weeks, we have had some of the coldest days I have ever experienced in Florida! In fact- I usually make fun of my cousins in Pittsburgh when it gets cold. You know, I call them and ask, “So what are you doing”? They explain how cold it is and sometimes I get a – “we had to shovel the flat roof over the addition- so it doesn’t fall in because of the snow.” And I respond with a gentle, “Yeah I almost put the top on the jeep the other day because I got sun burned.” An you all didn’t know I had such a soft gentle side. Good news for Tampa: today it will hit the 70”s so I think I will make that phone call and yes- I will be gentle!

  • Our Marriage Rx series has been a blast at CATB. This past weekend we talked about parenting. That is always a tough subject to finish on time- but I think we made it. Click here for audio and here for video
  • If you will click this link here are some more Parenting resources I recommend.
  • Most of you noticed we have added another bounce house to the ” CATB Arcade” as you approach. We now have a bounce house for preschoolers and one for elementary school kids. They were both slammed this weekend.
  • I must admit we have a motive behind these bounce houses and with our kids ministry. We want kids to love CATB and always ask their parents, “when can we go back. ” The bounce house also slows the exit time and we get a chance to connect with parents because their kids are burning off some energy. Either way- we love Kids at CATB.
  • Home Teams are launching… Have you signed up?Need more info- then email Neal at (for more info)
  • Before we launch our Home Teams we have a training session and share the Lord’s Supper together. We did that last night and Neal did a great job with the training.
  • We are combining resources with another church start in Tampa (Connection Point) to help to get tents to Haiti before the rainy season. If you want to give cash- click on the Tent at the top of this blog and we will make sure tents are purchased. Or if you would like to donate a “non-leaking” tent – you can bring them by the office we are unit 24. I can’t imagine all the devastation Haiti has gone through- will you help with a few tents? Thank you for your generous response.
  • Finally- we played the “Fan” video at the close this weekend. I loved watching your faces as you never expected the outcome. Here it is again.

If you cannot see a video – please click here