By now, most of you have heard the news that Church at the Bay is moving our weekend worship services to Sickles High School. When I announced the move this past weekend, people cheered and this was very encouraging to the pastors and leaders who helped form the decision. I will post the video clip (below) from the service where I talked about the move and why.
I thought today I would share some of the positives about this move that made it very compelling:

  • Last year as we did our research- Sickles High School was our first choice.
  • Although the auditorium is 10 years old, it offers some huge advantages over our present location.
  • We will be able to permanently mount our speakers (may not happen the 1st week- we need to get riggers involved)
  • There is a catwalk that will allow us to adjust lights easily and possibly mount our projectors
  • They have a huge storage area in the back
  • All of these items will reduce the time needed to set-up and tear down
  • This is 3 miles from our original launch area. We believe we have more name recognition in this area around Citrus Park Mall
  • We can put signs out on Friday night through Sunday morning. When we were at Davidsen- many people indicated they came because they saw our road signs. The signs at Sickles can be mounted on the fence and will be about 4.5 feet x 12 feet.
  • They will allow us to put our 20ft pod on location
  • It is located near a huge population center- Citrus Park Mall. Many of the people going to the mall on Saturday will pass our signs
  • There will be financial savings

You may know of more advantages or you may have a question- please feel free to post either by clicking on comment.

Don’t see a video- Click here.