I have been active on Facebook for years and I want to be more strategic in 2012.  I want my personal account and Church at the Bay account to be a place to find wisdom and be encouraged.  I/We am/are doing several things in 2012 that, to be honest, need your help to succeed.  Here are the plans:


Wisdom for the Week

Each Monday morning I will make a post asking you to comment with verses that help you focus your week or encourage you to go strong.  The verses you post may be ones that you have memorized or came to “life” from your time with the Lord.  So on Monday’s especially- I need you to stop by my Facebook page and give us all your verse.  And, if we are not Friends on Facebook– hit me up, I would love the connection.


Daily Verses from my Quiet Time

Each day (that is my plan) I will post a verse on Facebook that God used to speak to me in my time with Him.  I have been spending time daily with God for over 30 years.  A friend of mine in college challenged me to start- and he was right- God used it to change my life.  So my verses may or may not fit your “moment” but I want to be transparent with some of the things God is teaching me.  The outcome I hope will be more people spending Time with God on a daily basis.


Encourage People to “Like” us on Church at the Bay’s Facebook page

Our hope is to make this page a daily conversation about what God is doing at CATB and answer questions you may have.  So if you are not yet a friend- go here and hit us up on the “Like” button.  In 2012 we want to help you use Facebook as a tool to invite and connect your friends to CATB and hopefully Jesus Christ.


Enlist a Facebook Team at Church at the Bay

I want to enlist a group of people to help Church at the Bay be strategic on a daily basis with Facebook.  No I don’t want you to start spamming people’s pages!  What if- you made “personal” invites with video and or articles that we post that your friend might be interested in?  Then every week this group would make at least 3 personal Facebook invites.  This action could prove to be life changing for your friends.  Sound interesting?  Watch for more….