Sunday we looked at a Defining Moment in the life of the prophet Daniel.  This teenager (along with 3 friends) was taken captive into a strange culture (for him anyway).  There he was brain washed/re-educated over a 3 year process.  They changed his

  • Location
  • Proximity to family
  • Name
  • Language
  • Education
  • And yet when they changed his diet- he would not follow.

Daniel 1:8 describes how Daniel had made a pre-decision not to defile himself.  Because of his pre-decision we see his “Now God” moment in verse 9.  It is amazing to me that a teenager would have this kind of conviction.  And because he did- God shows up in his circumstances.  If you read the book of Daniel you will see that “Now God” moments don’t always mean you and I avoid the trial or do not experience harsh consequences:

  • The 3 Hebrew boys with Daniel went through the fiery furnance experience
  • Daniel goes into the lion’s den
  • And they spend their lives in captivity.

“Now God” means that God shows up in the midst of your circumstances!  Sometimes its with the peace of God (Philippians 4:7) or the provision of God (Philippians 4:19) or even the strength of God (Philippians 4:13) and sometimes with deliverance from the problem.  All of those moments happen when we step out in faith- trusting God!

Got any NOW GOD moments?

If you missed the message on Daniel- just watch below


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