What is your plan for an outward focused Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Why do I ask? Glad you asked… Sandy and were discussing our plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas last night. We try to invite an individual or family to Thanksgiving Day who does not have family in town. It doesn’t always work, but we keep our eyes open. This Christmas though, we have a great plan. We have a single mom with several kids staying with us that week (from out of town). This lady has made many poor choices but in the last year or so has come hard back to God. The 3 kids are young and we plan to make this year about them- it should be a ball. Honestly- we will probably enjoy it more than they will.
This season why not make a plan to change your focus:

  • Help a family in need
  • Invite someone over to the family feast
  • Buy a gift for a child through Angel Tree

So what plans are you making? Why not make an impact for the Kingdom?