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"Pants on the Ground" and more

This was a great weekend for me. Sandy and I were able to go to Ocala and experience the grand opening of the brand new building for Church at the Springs. That was the church where I was executive pastor… Continue Reading →

Let’s pray for and give to the relief efforts in Haiti

Sandy and I have given relief funds through Samaritans Purse. You can read more about their efforts and donate by clicking in the picture below. Let’s step up to the plate church by praying for and giving to! .

God is Up to Something …

We just returned from a one day planning retreat with our pastors. It was a long day and we spent time praying, listening, planning, evaluating, tweaking and remembering. It is the remembering piece I want to settle in on today…. Continue Reading →

Frozen Tundra Download

Severe cold weather has struck Tampa! The problem is we moved here to get away from it and forgot how to stay warm. I am amazed at the strategies for keeping warm that some people are applying. We tried new… Continue Reading →

Fish or Cut Bait!

I began fishing as a young boy and have fished in many places. I don’t consider myself a great fisherman- I do like to tag along with “real” fisherman- because they catch more fish. Anyone who has fished knows there… Continue Reading →

A New Decade

We started the New Decade at CATB yesterday as we celebrated the Lord’s Supper! It was our first “supper” and not our last. We begin a new series next week called- “Fish or Cut Bait”. Here is the focal passage:… Continue Reading →

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