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Monday Morning Download- blaine albright, worship arts pastor

Yesterday was a great day at Church at the Bay! Our 10:30am service “felt” electric as our entire church family worshiped together for the first time in nearly 4 years. The theatre did not feel too big- there seemed to… Continue Reading →

Weekend Download

Our street turned into a party on Halloween. I usually cook hot dogs and give out chocolate (only the good stuff)- this year several cooked family favorites. The plan was to cook your heritage- mine in the American Hot Dog!… Continue Reading →

Coming this Sunday…

We are in a series called The Principle of the Path. Sunday was our first week and we sat down on a few ideas. These ideas will permeate the messages in the coming weeks as we expand application. Here are… Continue Reading →

The Path

This past Sunday we began a new series called- “The Path”. We will dig into this principle for 5 weeks. To understand the next few weeks we must get this principle firmly in our grip. So here is the video… Continue Reading →

New Series: The Path

Think about the last time you were traveling and got lost. You had your destination in mind. You had every intention of getting there. But you took the wrong path, and you didn’t end up where you wanted to be…. Continue Reading →

Weekend Dowload- and video

I hear a lot of people say, “I like living up north where you get seasonal changes in the weather!” My response- “I like living in Tampa where the seasons change weekly.” Last week- record highs in the 90’s and… Continue Reading →

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