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Monday Morning Quarterback

Wow! This weekend was really good all the way around. We have over 100 volunteers that make it happen week in and week out. We had a ton of guests- that never gets old. You can always tell the Yankees… Continue Reading →

Learn to Fight Fair

Do you remember getting into fights as a kid? Maybe the fight was with your brother or sister or a cousin or maybe someone who lived in the neighborhood. Often times, my fights would end or elevate because someone said,… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Quarterback

Yesterday was a lot of fun! The energy from the sidewalk into the auditorium was infectious. Here is my perspective on our first week in Marriage Rx: Our greeters were on their game. Great job before and after the service!… Continue Reading →

Let’s Play What If….

Have you ever asked, “What if?” If you are like me I ask it often but with the edge of “how would I benefit.” You know, “what if I didn’t get a flat tire, what if I got that job,… Continue Reading →

Marriage Rx

This weekend, we begin a brand new series: Marriage Rx: a prescription for a healthy marriage. I really believe that marriage is the most wonderful/awful relationship in life. When the relationship with your spouse is right, it seems like you… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Quarterback

Most all of us are Monday Morning Quarterbacks. You know- once we have seen the result of the play and the slow motion view, we make the right call! I wanted the Vikings to win last night but the last… Continue Reading →

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