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We Got Our 1st Choice!

Wow! Can you believe all that is happening at Church at the Bay. I am so proud of our folks and their response this past Saturday. We had close to 100 people volunteering at Metropolitan Ministries on Saturday. It was… Continue Reading →

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

We have spent the last 4 weeks in our series called “The Path”. The key, simple Principle of the Path states- Direction (not intentions, hopes or even prayers) determines destination. It seems simple yet too often we operate on the,… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Download- blaine albright, worship arts pastor

Yesterday was a great day at Church at the Bay! Our 10:30am service “felt” electric as our entire church family worshiped together for the first time in nearly 4 years. The theatre did not feel too big- there seemed to… Continue Reading →

Weekend Download

Our street turned into a party on Halloween. I usually cook hot dogs and give out chocolate (only the good stuff)- this year several cooked family favorites. The plan was to cook your heritage- mine in the American Hot Dog!… Continue Reading →

Coming this Sunday…

We are in a series called The Principle of the Path. Sunday was our first week and we sat down on a few ideas. These ideas will permeate the messages in the coming weeks as we expand application. Here are… Continue Reading →

The Path

This past Sunday we began a new series called- “The Path”. We will dig into this principle for 5 weeks. To understand the next few weeks we must get this principle firmly in our grip. So here is the video… Continue Reading →

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