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Why I talk about Money

I enjoy talking about MONEY at church! That wasn’t always the case. And if I am honest- I allowed several fears (conveniently nurtured by the enemy) to get a foothold. Here are the fears I have when preaching about money… Continue Reading →

Monday Moring QuarterBack

Welcome back Florida weather. On Saturday, I was finally able to take the top back off the jeep. Wow- it is nice riding around town again! This weekend we began our new financial series- Bailout or Blessing. It is always… Continue Reading →

This Weekend

Hold On

When it comes to life – do you ever feel like this frog- just hanging on by your finger tips? This weekend we start a new series that I believe is essential to gaining traction as a serious Christ-Follower. The… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Quarterback

I begin this update on a personal note- The Wedding! Last Wednesday family began arriving and there were meals and brunches until the weeding on Saturday afternoon. I was able to take off Thursday and Friday and hang out with… Continue Reading →

What is Open Door and Why should I go?

Open Door is a Newcomer event for anyone who has attended Church at the Bay. Every weekend Church at the Bay has guests. We understand that visiting a church can be an awkward experience- especially for the first timer. Open… Continue Reading →

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