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Monday Morning Quarterback

I begin this update on a personal note- The Wedding! Last Wednesday family began arriving and there were meals and brunches until the weeding on Saturday afternoon. I was able to take off Thursday and Friday and hang out with… Continue Reading →

What is Open Door and Why should I go?

Open Door is a Newcomer event for anyone who has attended Church at the Bay. Every weekend Church at the Bay has guests. We understand that visiting a church can be an awkward experience- especially for the first timer. Open… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Tents?

The weather is absolutely amazing AGAIN in Florida (don’t hate). Over the past couple of weeks, we have had some of the coldest days I have ever experienced in Florida! In fact- I usually make fun of my cousins in… Continue Reading →

Parenting Rx

This weekend I am talking about a topic that has the potential to bring great stress and blessings to your marriage. It will definitely cost you time, energy and money if you want to be effective. Our topic- Parenting! I… Continue Reading →

UNCOMFORTABLE: Monday Morning Quarterback

UNCOMFORTABLE… That was my gut feeling before this weekend’s message and afterward. The topic was Affair-Proofing and the message is timely. I mentioned the astronomical rate of affairs. So why is it so uncomfortable to talk about? Because I know… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Quarterback

Wow! This weekend was really good all the way around. We have over 100 volunteers that make it happen week in and week out. We had a ton of guests- that never gets old. You can always tell the Yankees… Continue Reading →

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