I loved going to my great grandfather’s house ( his name was Pa).  He lived out in the country and it was there I experienced my first out-house.  I don’t think I will tell that story… The thing I loved about Pa was taking walks with him and his dog Dash.  We would walk through the pastures and woods and he could weave a story like no one I ever knew.  He told me stories of delivering the mail by horseback on a horse that had the famous Dan Patch blood line.  Funny, I don’t remember the conversations but I do remember the stories.  We are like that; we remember stories better than paragraphs.  Maybe that is why Jesus often taught in Parables.  A parable is a simple story with a HUGE truth.  During the next month we are going to spend time in the Parables (stories) of Jesus.  Each week we will discuss the parable, find ourselves in the parable, and then look for a personal application.  I am jacked about this series.  I know you will come… make sure you bring a friend.

I want you to hear Amber’s story.

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