This weekend I am talking about a topic that has the potential to bring great stress and blessings to your marriage. It will definitely cost you time, energy and money if you want to be effective. Our topic- Parenting! I enjoy teaching on this topic every time I get a chance. Sandy and I have 2 adult children that love God and follow Him whole heartedly. Before you think we are taking all the credit- let me say clearly- God has blessed us with friends, mentors and great churches to help us raise them. So this weekend I plan to get real practical with some tools I have picked up along the way.
A huge day for a parent is Marriage. Many of you know our daughter, Ashley, is getting married in a week and a half. About 28 years ago Sandy started feeling sick in the morning. When we discovered she was pregnant (and no she was not sick of me) we began to pray for our child. So when Ashley was born, I began to pray earnestly for the right husband who would love her, love God and be very afraid of me (okay maybe just the 1st two- maybe). Ashley and Sam (yes, he made it through the gauntlet) are getting married on February 27th.

We did not send out invitations locally because we didn’t want to leave anyone out (or maybe it would cost too much… lol). If you attend Church at the Bay- we would love to have you as our guests. Here are the particulars.

Mr and Mrs Harold Mayer

request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Ashley Kay to Samuel Bruce Updike
son of Mr and Mrs Bruce Updike
at 4pm on Saturday, February 27th, 2010
Sand Key Beach 1060 Gulf Boulevard,
Clearwater Beach, FL
(Business Casual)

If you plan to come would you please email a number attending to – I would like to have enough chairs… It will be casual and on the beach.