When I was a student pastor (BK- before kids) I used to give advice on parenting all the time, I was a veritable expert. I was willing and ready to give advice. When kids were having a tough time- I would often blame the parents for poor disciple, parenting skills or just being clueless. It seemed I was the professional among bunch of amateurs. I was going to write a book about parenting. In fact, when our kids were young I still thought- no big- this is challenging but very doable. As my kids entered school several things opened my eyes:

  • My kids would do something that embarrassed me and I couldn’t believe it
  • A friends kids would do something similar- and they were doing everything right as far as I could tell
  • I didn’t know everything (personal discovery here- seems everyone else already knew this)
  • Stuff that used to work no longer did
  • I could not control my kids

What happened? All my theories were being tested and found lacking. Sandy and I decided to become students of parenting and re-learn or learn for the first time what Christian parenting is all about. I am so glad we did- it was worth all of our time, effort and money. But let’s be honest Christian parenting at best is a series of trial, error, praying, engaging, hoping, crying and whatever else you might add. Sandy and I knew our best opportunity to influence this world for Christ would be through our kids. I have also been reminded- they will ultimately choose the retirement home I land in ;-].
So what does effective parenting look like, have as its goal and do? This weekend we will chase that idea as we talk about FIGHTING FOR OUR KIDS. We will also do some Q&A live during the service through text messaging. So here are the people who really need to attend:

  • Those who think they know what they are doing
  • Those who know they don’t
  • Grandparents
  • People who want to have a child
  • People who don’t want to have a child
  • People who know people who have children
  • And anyone who doesn’t fit into the above list.

This will be a great weekend to bring a friend who might have asked my Mom’s favorite question (to my Dad about me) “What the _______ am I going to do with him?”