We have all heard the statement, “Love is a verb”!  We believe that love is something that you live, do and act.  At Church at the Bay we believe Partnership is a verb.

From the beginning of our church we moved away from the term of membership and went with the verb partnership.  Why? (Thanks for asking).

I think often membership is thought of as:

  • Something you attain– you know you complete something or join something and you have a card or certificate
  • Something that has benefits– whether it’s a gym, golf club or credit card, we often consider the benefits of membership before we sign on the dotted line
  • Something that gives you influence– the belief is because you are a member you should not only be treated differently than others (better of course) you should also have influence to change things through a vote or registering your complaint.

Rather than try to change the meaning of the word membership we have opted for the word Partnership at Church at the Bay.  The Apostle Paul says in Philippians chapter one that he is grateful for their “partnership” in the gospel.  The Philippian people prayed for Paul, encouraged him, gave him money and worked alongside of him as he planted churches.  They saw themselves as co-laborers with Paul not merely a group that supported him.

So we believe Partnership at Church at the Bay looks like this:

  • It is something you do– if you are a partner it means more than showing up to worship, it means showing up to worship as you work!  We have scores of people that show up every Sunday to prepare Sickles High School for our weekend worship experiences.  We have a team going to Haiti to make a difference in the lives of orphans.  We have groups that go out to help other pastors start churches.  . We have people who serve at Metropolitan ministries.  There are people serving in the tech team, band, kids areas, parking lot and all over our campus every Sunday. Partnership means serving is a lifestyle.
  • It gives you huge influence– we believe that when you see something that needs to be adjusted or fixed it does not mean it’s time to lodge a complaint rather, it’s time to get in the game.  Step in and help, step up and engage and do something to remedy the problem.

There are 5 commitments of a Partner at Church at the Bay.  Over the next 2 Sunday’s we will discuss them and give all of us an opportunity to Partner together to reach the mission God has given us.  You want to be here the next two weeks because we are taking Partnership to a whole ‘nutha level. We want YOU to Partner with Church at the Bay and we seek to fulfill the mission of God.