Let’s take a moment and reflect on our Pause: Making Time for What Matters Most series. (If you missed any of the weeks you can listen online by clicking here). Here is where we have been the past 5 weeks:

  • Slow Motion: Refusing to Live in Fast Forward
  • Widescreen: Defining Limits
  • Zoom: Magnifying What Matters
  • High-Def: Focusing Your Life
  • Universal Remote: Keeping it Simple

Each week we took a different look at how we could reorganize our lives around what really matters. I am so grateful to God for the people He has placed in my life to remind me to Pause… I thought I would give out some props right now.

  • Bill Billingsley (a pastor and mentor): taught me to Pause so I could really connect with my children.
  • Ron Sylvia (personal friend and pastor/mentor): reminded me to Pause before I spoke and wounded people that I loved.
  • Sandy, my wife: taught me to Pause and slow down so I could enjoy my family.
  • Steve Stroope (Church at the Bay partner and mentor): taught me to Pause by taking a day off each week.
  • My Family: has pressed their pause button every Sunday afternoon and reminded me of the gift of God that I have- a great family.
  • Coach Jay Dye (High School BB Coach): reminded me to Pause and really focus my life.
  • John Parsons (college friend, boss and mentor): taught me to Pause and make sure I was putting my wife first.
  • Church at the Bay: has reminded me that when I take time to Pause I can discover what is God’s next step for my life.
  • God: forgave me and reconciled me to Himself in the greatest Pause button in history- The Cross.

Talk Back

Who has taught you the value of a Pause?

Finally, if you are looking for the Pause blogs- just click here.