This past weekend we discussed that God’s ultimate goal for our lives is for us to become more like His Son (Romans 8:28-29). I mentioned 2 areas God will use to shape us- circumstances and spiritual disciplines. Let’s all remember disciplines won’t take you to heaven. We are not trying to earn God’s favor. That is why being a Christ follower is different than every religion in the world. All the religions begin with “D-O” in order to gain God’s favor. The Christian faith begins with “D-O-N-E”. So the Holy Habits are not about earning favor- they are more about us allowing God to mold us… He is the potter and we are clay- and He wants to shape us. So I thought today I would give you 2 tools for developing the discipline or habit of a daily time with God.

Click on this Link for a pdf developed by Rick Warren to help you get started with a daily time with God

Click on this link for a step by step practical message (you can listen online) I taught at The Bay focusing on how to spend time daily with God

Remember- no one enjoys discipline but everyone likes the results!