When Pastor’s get together we often talk about three Sunday’s that create huge energy and emotion. You are probably familiar with 2 of these- but I will give you all three:

  1. Palm Sunday- we celebrate Jesus Triumphal entry into Jerusalem. When I was a kid, my church up north gave out actual palm fronds. Attendance is usually decent and there is an anticipation of Easter.
  2. Easter Sunday- We all celebrate the Resurrection. Growing up, my family was CEOs- we attended Christmas and Easter Only! Great energy around this day and attendance is the best for the year.
  3. Bomb Sunday- This is the Sunday after Easter and the day when everyone seems to take a break. This is insider information that must be kept in the “circle of trust”- so shhhh. If this was leaked to the media they would… well … you know go all media on us.

When I look at annual attendance I watch 2 things how high are the highs and how low are the lows. I think we can learn a lot about the health of our churches from the low days. Now that I have given you the scoop- here are my Sunday observations:

  • It was not a low attendance day at CATB and the energy was really good.
  • A big shout out to Blaine and the worship arts and tech team. There was a leak in the ceiling over our permanently mounted speakers and they got wet. Our guys made quick adjustments and no one would have known- except I called attention to it. Way to go guys- you made it happen. They took them down after the service to dry them out. Hopefully no damage!
  • We had a pastor from Alabama in town! Gene Oden (his blog) is the lead pastor at Crossroads Church in Enterprise, Alabama. Our students are there this week (yep they gave up their spring break) to serve this church plant. Gene was actually in a coaching network I led and CATB has supported them with some finances and volunteer teams.
  • I asked Gene to pray for the students as they went up to his church (note to self- when a pastor does not speak on Sunday do not give him the microphone- he will want to talk for a while… ) It was the first time someone at CATB said Roll Tide from the stage.
  • Pray for our students this week as they serve – you can check in on them here
  • They will be doing a live broadcast Tuesday Night at 8pm online.
  • I met several brand new folks this weekend. It is always fun to catch up with 1st time guests in the courtyard.
  • Gene and his family caught lunch with us at the food court in the mall (yep 5 star). I asked for some feedback and they raved about you guys. Best comment was – “we felt at home- the people of CATB are very friendly”.
  • Here is a video promo for No Perfect People Allowed

Spring Break is in full swing – so have a ball and I will see you Sunday!