The Apostle Peter is the Biblical character that many of us can relate to.  He is an avid follower of Jesus who has the habit of speaking up and out- often without thinking.  Peter’s story if one of getting it right and then getting it wrong- but always speaking his mind.  Some have said he is a Ready- Shoot- Aim kind of guy.  Although he often speaks before thinking- we always know what Peter is thinking.  I actually love the passion the Apostle demonstrates as he follows Jesus.  Over the next few weeks we will follow Peter out of his fishing boat and on his journey as a disciple of Jesus.  We will see how he leads in the early church in the book of Acts and watch how he responds when he is sharply rebuked.  Read ahead if you like – this is our road map:

  • The Call of Peter – Luke 15
  • Impetuous Peter- Matthew 14, 15, 17 and John 18
  • Peter’s Darkest Hour-  Luke 22, John 21
  • Peter Remains Teachable- Acts 10
  • Peter Stumbles Again- Galatians 2

So get your walking shoes on, we are going to journey with and learn from the Apostle Peter over the coming weeks.

If you missed Sunday here is the message on video- The Call of Peter.

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