We are in the middle of a great series, Game Plan… But… I can’t hold back anymore- I must tell you.  On October 30th we are launching a series called The Giant Elephant!  Here is where that series is headed.

Have you ever had a question that you wanted to ask the church but never really had the opportunity to ask it?  It’s one of those questions that seems to be so obvious to everyone around yet you don’t have an answer. In fact, it may be as obvious as a GIANT ELEPHANT sitting in the room but everyone just seems to overlook in hopes that it will go away.

Well, Church at the Bay is giving you the chance to ask the question and address the GIANT ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Over the course of this series,  I will do my best to answer as many questions as I can with the hope of addressing some issues that you have honest questions about.  Would you like to see the site  and maybe ask a question?  Click on the Giant Elephant  below..