This has been a good week at Church at the Bay.  I am encouraged by the life-change stories I am hearing. If you attended Sunday you saw a Baptism service that was just incredible (we hope to post the video in the future).  The last man we Baptized was 88 years old.  He lives in Jamaica and has been visiting his daughter for several weeks.  Last week I mentioned we were going to Baptise this weekend.  His daughter told me he said to her, “I was Baptized as a baby.  I now believe in Jesus, am I too old to get Baptized?”  She meant to call me last week but life happened (been there?).  When I invited people to get Baptized (who have not since they believed) and explained we have extra shorts, shirts and towels so come on!  His daughter asked him if he was ready- and he was Baptized.  He reminded us: You are never too old to say yes to a NEXT STEP with Jesus!

Our 7 person team just got back from Haiti Monday evening.  The stories are incredible (you will be hearing them I promise).  Many of you know, Church at the Bay sponsors an orphanage in Haiti and our team went in to encourage, hug and care for the children.  It was quite an experience for them I promise.  This trip reminded me: You are never too poor, young or far to take your NEXT STEP with Jesus.


How about you- what is keeping you from your NEXT STEP with Jesus?  Let it go and get movin!