The Superbowl is a time honored tradition in the United States and consists of 22 men on the field desperately in need of a rest and 130 million viewers in desperate need of exercise.  So who are you picking?  Will the Patriots win again or will Eli make it happen for the Giants?


Church at the Bay will throw down on Superbowl Sunday as you:

  • Wear your favorite Team’s Gear.  It doesn’t matter if you team is in the big game, plays college, high school or pony league- It’s time to represent!
  • Pick the winning team and score and you will win a gift card to Outback Steakhouse!  Of course we have some rules…
  1. You must post your team score prediction on Church at the Bay’s Facebook wall as a comment under this post: “What is your Superbowl Prediction.  Give me the winning team and the score”.  It must be posted as a comment.
  2. You must live in the Tampa area to win- but everyone can post!
  3. In order to win- your comment must be posted before the kick off! (only one prediction per person)
  4. We will give the winner the gift card on Sunday February 12th – good luck!

By the way- this Sunday we will be giving out these to all that attend.

Church at the Bay- Whatever it Takes!