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Your best Leadership move …

Sometimes our best leadership move is to stop talking and listen.  Often, we become leaders because we can share vision, direction or just good ideas.  A leader is helped greatly by being a skilled communicator.  Have you ever considered the… Continue Reading →

Hey Leader … What Happens when?

Leadership is formative.  No matter how hard we might try to avoid this outcome – the people we lead will become like us.  That is why we all agree, our behavior must not only reflect our values – it must… Continue Reading →

I Miss this Difference Maker also!

Bill Billingsley was the lead planting/pastor of Sheridan Hills Baptist Church in Hollywood, Fl. I served on his staff and he impacted my life in huge ways. In fact, whenever I get together with Dan Southerland, Allen DiStefano or David… Continue Reading →


Let’s continue the dialogue on difference makers. My Dad is the hardest working man I have ever known. Many a weekday passed when my Dad left for work before I got up and came home after I had gone to… Continue Reading →


Difference makers come in all sizes and shapes. God has blessed my life with so many people who have engaged me, challenged me, encouraged me, sharpened me, and believed in me. I want to discuss 3 Difference Makers in my… Continue Reading →

That will leave a MARK! (Difference Maker)

I have a small scar on the end of my left index finger.  I was 10 years old and using my Dad’s table saw (without permission of course).  I touched the blade while cutting a small piece of wood –… Continue Reading →

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