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Hey Leader … What Happens when?

Leadership is formative.  No matter how hard we might try to avoid this outcome – the people we lead will become like us.  That is why we all agree, our behavior must not only reflect our values – it must… Continue Reading →


Most songs are written about it, we long to experience it and yet so many miss Love because they have a wrong focus and definition.  Our culture defines love as something you feel and pursue.  We are told that we… Continue Reading →


“Why is Baptism such a big issue for a Christ-Follower”? I have been asked that question many times in over 30 years of ministry.  Sometimes- I forget the explain the why of baptism and focus on “just do it”.  But,… Continue Reading →

Coach, Are We Winning?

I have coached a lot of Basketball.  I coached on the High School level for 5 years and  I have also coached YMCA type Basketball for over a decade.  I really love coaching the little guys!  When Hal 4 was… Continue Reading →

Day 1- Let’s Get Started!!

Have you signed up for our devotions for August?  If not you can do so at the bottom of this post and follow the simple directions.   Here is day 1 of our devotions  “The Better Reading Plan” from YouVersion.com… Continue Reading →

momentum… Momentum… MOMENTUM

We kick off our new series this Sunday: Momentum!  I have discovered (and you probably have as well) that Momentum makes a HUGE difference!  We know when we have it and when we do not!  We have all seen and… Continue Reading →

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