The last 8 days have been incredible:

  • Celebrating the Lord’s Supper and nailing names of people we were praying for to the crosses (Palm Sunday)
  • Finishing up the Daniel Fast- there were several that threw parties to break the fast
  • Good Friday Service
  • A week of blogging through the Easter story
  • Saturday my YMCA 7 and 8 year olds won!
  • Sandy and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt at a CATBers house- MTV showed up along with about 100 people. Brigman’s know how to party!

The best part of the week was celebrating Easter! I was not sure about our attendance. This is Spring break week and we had several families out of town visiting family. But, during our Daniel fast everyone was also praying for 3 people they would invite to Easter weekend. So we were pumped when it was all over and we discovered we had 1003! We had 14 people trust Christ for the first time and a lot of people get baptized (not sure how many yet). We also had over 100 people turn in cards saying it was their 1st time! We also had an interview with the Satan! Take a peek…

Can’t see the video? Click here