Hey guys- How’s Life? Tonight in our driveway we will be partying and grilling Hotdogs for anyone who will talk to me- sad life huh? Actually we started this last year to try and connect better with the neighborhood. So- I am getting my “grill on”. Here are the Friday 4 links!

  1. Are you smart? I figure you are because you read blogs! Here is a link only for smart people. If you are not smart- it won’t apply!
  2. I am always looking for a good quote- I subscribe to this site in my reader.
  3. If you don’t know we are in the middle of a huge election you must be from another planet! But- did you realize you don’t have to be on this planet to vote? So what is your excuse?
  4. Do you ever worry about “Big Brother”- well these guys have been tracking him!

I hate to get political- but I am a Florida Gatorz fan and I have a BLOG bet with a bulldogs fan– I hope we beat them bad!