I mentioned yesterday that we need to fire the guy or gal who posts for weather.com in the Tampa area. They listed rain as only a 5% possibility and it rained all morning. Radar didn’t show anything either. I think it may be a communist conspiracy! Rain or shine it is always a good day at CATB. It was our last week in our Redline series (next week we start Fanatic). There has definitely been a buzz around this series- I think stress is pretty high in all of our lives. Thank you Jesus- that football will be back in a couple of weeks- that is a stress reliever, at least when we win. How would you like to be doing two-a-days right now. The Buc’s camp has got to be smoking hot (shout out to CATBer Donte Nicholson– Defensive Secondary).
So a quick download of Sunday at CATB:

  • Our backpack pile is growing! We have been bring backpacks each weekend that we are giving to kids in an economically challenged area in Tampa through Common Ground Church. There is still time if you can bring them by the office before Friday. Call the office and tell us when you want to bring them 813.579.3978
  • Church at the Bay – lets stay on the generous side of life. When finances get tough that is especially the time to step up and be generous- test God (as Malachi 3 says). That is why I love this backpack plan- we get to be generous!
  • Some people looked at me funny (let me say most) when I talked about the game “The Last Straw”. I said too many of us live life with no margin and keep adding straws until we finally fall. Here is the commercial- it doesn’t look as exciting as it used to… Watch the kids eyes at the end… now that is some quality acting..

  • We will land at Steinbrenner HS in 7 Sundays!
  • We will give you a video sneak peek this weekend.
  • Hal (son and student pastor) went by on Saturday. The exit off the Vet is striped and almost finished. The school is finishing up it’s landscaping. It is real close to done- good thing- school starts in a few weeks.
  • The men have a golf scramble in 2 Saturdays! I will play and laugh a lot. Either laugh with me- or at me- or at me laughing at you. You can sign up until Wednesday here.
  • Our Ladies are going to a conference in Orlando in September. The group is growing- here is more info…
  • I am really excited about our BIG move. I wish is it was here next week! Please keep praying and asking God for a couple of things:

* Wisdom
* Huge impact
* What place you will serve

  • To be honest my nervousness level is as high as my excitement. Have you been there?
  • CATB will always choose FAITH over FEAR! How cool is it we get to be in on the ground floor of growing and establishing a local church! The Bride of Christ!

Whatever it Takes! Lord we will follow.