When you see this picture – what comes to mind? Anger, hurt, freedom or maybe someone you know? I remember where I was and what I was doing and how America changed (at least for a while). That picture galvanized a country with a resolve that has not been seen in recent years. As time has passed- they don’t show that picture much- could that be a part of the weakening resolve in America’s war on terror. I am not going political- I do want to talk about the power of a picture and the resolve it can produce. I firmly believe that is the power of the picture of the Lord’s Supper and the Cross of Christ- those pictures can deepen the resolve of every Christ-Follower. We must REMEMBER or else we get caught up in the undertow of culture and drown in our westernized Christianity.

What comes to mind when you see this picture? Sacrifice, Commitment and Love? If we are not careful following Jesus becomes all about living a moral life. Jesus died so that no one has to spend eternity in Hell. So that no one has to live a life separated from God. I don’t want to forget that and I don’t want Church at the Bay to forget either. It is too easy for me to drift as a Christ-Follower into a Christian stupor. You know, just going through life and “doing the good stuff” and missing out on the “God Stuff”.
We celebrated the Lord’s Supper this past weekend at CATB. It was especially impactful to me. When we celebrate the Supper it is a reminder of the real cost of my freedom (the life of God’s Son). Jesus didn’t come merely to give me a brighter smile, better self-esteem or make me rich. His plan was to come and die- so I (we) could be forgiven and spend eternity with Him. His plan is to use me (and all Christ-Followers) to get His message out. The Supper is a reminder – so we don’t forget the high price that was paid. It’s time to “saddle up” and make a Christmas Impact at Church at the Bay… What if this Christmas I ????…

More on this and some ideas on Wednesday.