We all have communication patterns. I know there are times when I am more available for conversation (especially the tough ones) . I have discovered that people who understand timing seem to be better communicators. What if we also let the significant people in our lives in on our personal communication patterns, ie., when we are most available to have an involved conversation. For example, the best time to really communicate with me(about difficult issues) is :

  • After I have been home for 1 hour
  • Mid-week is better than either end of the week
  • Earlier in the day rather than later

I am also least likely to communicate:

  • Sunday afternoon
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Late at night

Now, in a perfect world we would all get what we wanted! But, as much as I hope to have conversations at my best times- I know what reality is and I must do my best to be as James says “quick to listen and slow to speak”.

Your Turn:
1. When are you apt to be most conversational?
2. When is it best to stay away?