Plan to check us out, chat a little in the side room and connect with others at The Bay. I am not the perfect parent, Dad or really anything. So you ask- “Why is Hal leading this discussion?” Thanks for asking ;-] this is why: because we need to talk about how to raise godly kids that will make an impact on their generation. I get questions weekly about dealing with difficult situations. We are losing the cultural battles at a spiritual level and Christ- Followers need to engage their kids so they don’t lose them. This requires guts and a willingness to do whatever it takes. Jesus always made time for kids- so let’s talk about how we can.

Plan to attend tonight and I will do my best to answer your questions from a Biblical framework. When you tune in you will be able to see me live on video but- I will no be able to see you. You can type your questions in the chat box on the right and we will answer all we can. See you at 9PM!