Whenever I talk about the will of God… It seems I usually end up with someone asking a question like,” What should I do with my vocation”, or “How do I get a job” and even “How can I find a different job”. Those are great questions; especially if you consider how much of our life we will spend working. Let’s say you work 48 weeks a year (4 weeks off for vacations and holidays), for 43 years (work until age 65- most will work longer) and you average working 50 hours a week. That is 2400 hours a year and 103,200 working hours in a lifetime. With that kind of investment we ought to ask, “God what do you want me to do for a living”?

Right now, the US is in a recession … at best some say depression and it has changed the field of play and work! I talk with a lot of people today that are unemployed, underpaid, underemployed or hate their job. They ask me, “Hal, what do you do? I have had people tell me:

  • “My boss treats me like a dog”
  • “I have a master’s degree yet I am doing an entry level job”
  • Or “I am doing a difficult job yet they pay me nothing”
  • Even,  “I have to have a job where do I look right now?”

Most of these statements are followed by a statement that relates their feeling of helplessness. Often people will ask- what does the bible have to say about my job?

That is where I am headed this weekend in the message I am calling- Free Agent.  I believe I have a word that will not only help your future employment but also help you today with the job you have or do not have. You must be at CATB SUNDAY and bring your friends!

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