We had a good weekend after Easter! There is a joke that is actually sound emotional and spiritual advice that many pastors tell. It goes like this: “There is Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday and then Bomb Sunday”. It basically brings reality into focus- because Easter is a huge day and a lot of excitement followed by a usually down day (Bomb Sunday). I am sure this happens for a lot of reasons- one is, so many families put so much energy into Easter (you know meals, families get together, Easter Egg hunts, etc) – the next weekend they decide to stay home and rest. Some people come only two times a year- that was me- a CEO, Christmas and Easter Only! Truth is, two times a year is a starting place for many- so I say come on!
Bomb Sunday did not Bomb this year, some insights:

  • Our attendance was up over the average attendance for March
  • We were double digits in 1st and 2nd time guests (not sure of the total yet)
  • Bigfoot showed up (No we didn’t count him, although Neal wanted to!)

  • Karen and David Speicher knocked it out of the park
  • They will be leading our Marriage Retreat- click on the rings for more info.
  • It was a gorgeous Florida day
  • Snow cones are back! Yes Don and his team will be giving away snow cones after every service
  • Finally, Satan came back. Truth be told- he is here every week. We interviewed him again

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