We launched our new mini-series- Vision 360 and we had baby dedication. The room was alive! You might have noticed:

  • Could you figure out the optical illusions on the walk up? My favorite is the old lady/young lady.
  • Had to bring the high-chair on the stage- why? You will have to listen
  • How ’bout the new “kid” in the band! Steven can play and sing and he is 12 (okay- 17- his Mom will hate me for that one). Rock on Steven!
  • I loved the energy this weekend- I could feel it all the way back in the locker room
  • Our title was “Vision 360- ME”. We talked about next steps for everyone in the room. Focused in on Matt 28:18-20
  • Man did I need the snow cones this weekend! It is freakin hot
  • How about the 18 babies we dedicated! This is a fertile group.
  • Parents made a commitment to raise their children in a home that honors God
  • CATB committed to pray and create environments where kids are loved, valued and challenged to follow Jesus
  • Did you catch the mentoring tool idea?
  • Next weekend we will unpack some fresh vision for CATB
  • Our title is “Vision 360- WE”
  • CATB is almost 4 years old- what is next? I believe we have some clear direction from the Father and we will talk about it.
  • Frat House has 2 more weeks!

Wow- I can’t wait until next weekend. Please come ready to worship as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and cast some fresh vision.