This past Sunday I talked about the Vision God has given us at Church at the Bay.  I believe God has called us to a year of challenge- so it’s time to buckle up.  We need to get laser focused on the call of God to not only spread the good news but to help people take their next best step with Jesus.  We live in a community where 85% of the people don’t attend church anywhere and the vast majority of the 85% are headed to a Christ-less eternity- HELL.  I am not good with that number and I bet you are not either.  I gave the 1st of many challenges this weekend- I asked CATBers to give me names of friends who need to come to faith in Jesus and they were inviting to CATB.  Sunday afternoon I prayed for over 150 people by name that CATB listed on the communication cards.  Now it’s your turn, will you invite your friends to attend this Sunday and pray that they discover a personal relationship with Christ and He changes their eternal destination- I am praying for that!

I also told you Sunday that we will do anything short of sin to help people discover a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Let’s crank it up not by being odd for God or trying to argue people into heaven but by showing people we care and then inviting them to come to CATB.  We will continue to work hard to make CATB a safe place to hear a dangerous, life changing message.  Two services has allowed us to see more people stepping up and serving- especially in the kids area.  One of the coolest things is that I get is to hear stories from parents about their kids loving Church at the Bay!  I had a mom tell me this past Sunday (with tears in her eyes) how grateful to God she was for Church at the Bay kids workers.  She said they had attended church a little before coming to CATB and the kids were always hard to get out the door.  Then she told me- “We have been coming to CATB for 13 weeks (stared with our According to Jim series) and her children are ready to go to church 20 minutes before they need to be!”  Thank you Jesus- thank you kids workers- thank you Church at the Bay for being a church that is willing to do “whatever it takes”.

If you missed this past Sunday- here is the complete Vision message:

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Remember 9:30 and 11:00am this Sunday!